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Home of the Chicago SEO Company

A Chicago SEO Company?

Yes. And more: an internet marketing company. And not only for Chicago, for the whole of the world.

We help small business get more clients through 3 programs.

At the Top of Google Maps
Local SEO Profit Explosion The Content Source


What if your Google business page appeared at the top of Google’s map?

What if your online footprint were so big, people looking for what you sell can’t help but find you?

Want to increase your online footprint, click here.

At the Top of Google Maps is the program that can do that for you.

What if pages on your website appeared high in the search results when people wanting to buy what you sell search for companies like yours?

Local SEO Profit Explosion

is the program that pushes your pages up in the local search results, for the main search terms your prospects use when looking for what you sell online and increase your online footprint so you dominate your competition.

Would you like to dominate your local market online?

Content Marketing?

Who should be happy, Google or you?

Fresh content makes Google happy. When Google is happy, your website has more visitors.

But if the content doesn’t convert visitors into customers, you’re not happy.

The Content Surge provides content that converts your website visitors into paying customers.

Wanna be happy?

Located just outside Chicago (in Niles, IL) we help small business owners everywhere (but especially in the Chicago area) grow their businesses.