I obviously don’t know you.  But since you’re here, I know this much about you: you want to grow your business, to increase your profits.

I also know that you’re bombarded with calls and letters from people guaranteeing to get your site to be #1 in Google, people wanting to get you to buy ad space, to buy mailers, to buy Facebook or Twitter or blogging services.

Problem is, you don’t know which ones are good.  

These days, it’s easy to buy a couple of books on Google Adwords marketing, or search engine optimization, or writing sales letters.  And it’s easy to register a business and start selling your limited knowledge of Google Adwords marketing, or search engine optimization or copywriting.

Then, can you really use what they’re selling?

A smart man once said that a man with a hammer sees everything as a nail.  And that applies to people selling marketing solutions.  The guy who calls you about mailers thinks there’s no problem a 10,000 mailing can’t fix; the lady calling you about Google places is sure her solution will cure all that ails your business, and so on.

Yet we both know that there’s more to marketing than running an ad or being number 1 in Google for a search term or mailing out 10,000 postcards.

Since I don’t know you or your business, I don’t know if we’re a good fit.  I can’t even tell you which of my marketing tools I would use on your business let alone make you any promises about growing your business or increasing your profits (though I’ve done such things for other business owners).

What I can promise, though, is this: if you request an Initial Marketing Analysis and we meet, we will know if we are a good fit or not.

If we are a good fit, we will create solutions that will increase your profits much faster than you can do on your own, without drastically increasing your marketing expenses.  And, it will happen fast.

The Initial Marketing Analysis is a consultation and it’s free though, normally, I charge a pretty penny for consultations.

If I invited you to visit this page, it means I am looking to work with one or two new clients.  And that’s the reason the consultation is free.  (I do have a good heart, but that just doesn’t come into play here.)

How It Works

1.    You contact me, expressing interest in my Initial Marketing Analysis.  Within 24 hours, my assistant will contact you to set up the time when we can meet.  (Takes an hour to an hour and 15 minutes).

2.    We meet and I find out where you are, where you want to be and what you’re doing (or plan on doing) to get where you want to be.  I then go back to my office and determine if we are a good fit or not.  You can do the same.

3.    If I think we are a good fit, I create a plan to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

4.    We meet again and we go over the plan.

When we’re done, you have the option of moving forward or doing nothing.  If you choose to do nothing, which I doubt, you will still have a better idea of the tools and strategies required to get your business where you want it.

Why Should You Bother?

You are busy, so why should you meet with me, spend an hour answering my questions?

1.     Because, like I’ve already mentioned, you’re going to be ahead, you’ll have a better understanding of strategies and tactics you need to employ to get the results you want.

2.    Because, if we end up working together, you’ll have the business you desire or you’ll be significantly closer to it, depending on what you decide.

3.    Besides, asking for my Initial Marketing Analysis will give you the opportunity to figure out what kind of marketer I am risk-free and without incurring any obligation.

If this interests you, go ahead and call me at 847-840-8884 and leave me your name, number and tell me you’re interested in the Initial Marketing Analysis.  You can also email me through my contact form.  Just click here.

P.S.  I don’t often have openings.  When I do, they fill out fast.  So, if you’re interested in having an expert online and offline marketer work with you, contact me now.

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